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University Academic Support


NOW HIRING FOR SPRING 2023: Applications due by February 27th, 2023. Review of applications to begin February 1st, 2023.  

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UAS/Murphy Center Employment

The University Academic Support Office/Murphy Center offers paraprofessional positions that help build your pathway to career success while offering an opportunity to serve fellow Tiffin students. Our office is committed to hiring the best candidates with a desire to grow their skills and serve their fellow students in a flexible and rewarding environment. Among the benefits offered are:


Benefits of Working in the UAS/Murphy CenterEmployees | Cone Health

  • Flexible/Scalable scheduling: Scheduling is built around your schedule. 
  • Paid on the job training
  • Development of marketable workplace skills for future employment.
  • The opportunity to make connections with fellow students< Tiffin staff and faculty.

In order to apply to the UAS, all candidates must:

  • Complete the employment application for the position.
  • Submit a current professional resume
  • Provide one of the following:
    • Letter of recommendation from a current or prior faculty member (required for student academic consultants) and one additional professional letter of recommendation.
    • Three letters of recommendation from professional references/former employers.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 (3.0 or higher for academic consultants and specialist positions.)
  • For international students, be authorized to work on campus (must have a social security card and immigration documentation for payroll completion at time of application)

Open Positions


Desk Assistant (Multiple Positions) | Academic Consultants (Multiple Positions)

To apply for the open positions listed below, please review the specific position you are interested in and the basic employment requirements. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Be sure to follow all application instructions. To apply for the existing position visit College Central or complete the application through the link below.

Desk Assistant

The desk worker position is ideal for first- or second-year students who enjoy working closely with the public. The candidate will be able to work around 10 hours per week, sometimes without direct supervision. Morning, afternoon, and evening shifts are available. Students interested in this position should be friendly and outgoing, with excellent customer service skills, a positive attitude, the ability to work alone, the ability to take initiative on tasks without being prompted, and a willingness to ask questions. This position may be located either in Pfeiffer Library or the University Academic Support Office located in Murphy Center. Location is dependent upon availability.
Primary responsibilities for this position include:
-    Processing study table check-ins
-    Coordinating room reservations
-    Answering and routing phone calls
-    Processing circulation transactions at the library desk 
-    Scheduling tutoring appointments at the Murphy desks
-    Recording desk transactions
-    Checking for and reporting computer or facilities issues to Academic Operations Manager for further action
-    Greeting everyone who enters the department
-    Posting signage as needed
-    Providing directional information
-    Basic troubleshooting of technology and printers
-    Maintaining the surface-level cleanliness of the facility throughout each shift
-    Ensuring that printers are always stocked with paper
-    Other basic clerical tasks as assigned

Academic Consultant

Academic Consultants employed by the Tiffin University Academic Support in the Murphy Center will be responsible for providing peer academic support to Tiffin University students, both on-campus and virtually, with a goal of improving tutee academic performance, skill attainment and persistence. The position requires content area knowledge, excellent communication skills, an ability to adapt delivery of support to meet student needs and personal management and organization skills. The consultant must be able to serve diverse student populations in both one-to-one activities and small group-based sessions. 
Responsibilities of the Position
•    Tutor specific academic subjects to individuals or small groups either on-campus or virtually.
•    Document all sessions and record student progress as required.
•    Promote the use of effective study skills and strategies with tutees to encourage the development of independent learning.
•    Coordinate scheduling, meetings and availability both with the Center and the tutees.
•    Serve as a resource for fellow tutees employed by the department and engage in collaboration to improve student support and learning support operations.
•    Complete all documentation and data entry for student appointments, administrative tasks (payroll, center related logs) and required assessment activities.
•    Refer students to staff or other University Departments for supports that are not within the scope of service provided by the Center 
•    Abide by all policies and procedures outlined in the Tiffin University Academic Support Center Handbook and applicable university polices, state and federal laws.
•    Complete the required orientation and initial training program for new tutors and complete additional ongoing training each academic semester.
•    Complete self-reflection and evaluation material as well as complete a performance review with the program administrator not less than once per academic year.
•    Perform other University Academic Support duties as assigned by Center leadership.