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This guide provides users with an overview of the free WorldCat catalog to seek locally available print materials.

Find a Library

Not sure if there is a library near you? Under the search box on the WorldCat home page, you can select the Find a Library option access specific information about libraries in your area. An image of the Find a Library link under the search box is shown in the image below:

Search by name, zip code, state, or province in the Find a Library search box. An image of the Find a Library search box is shown below:

Note that only libraries with a profile in WorldCat will be shown in your search results.

Searching by zip code, for example, will provide you with a general list of libraries in your area, similar to what we see in the image below:

You can refine your search by “Library Type” using the left menu. A link is provided to each library’s web site as well as their online catalog. You are provided with the distance from you to that library and a link to Google maps to get you there. Adding a library as a favorite will make it easier for you to find the next time you search inside WorldCat!

Zip Codes for Specific Items

You can also locate information for a specific library once you’ve found an item in your list of search results that you want to locate. Click the name of the item in your list of search results. When the item’s record displays, scroll down the page to the “Find a copy in the library” box. An image of this is shown below:

Type in your zip code and click the button to the right of the search box that says “Find libraries.” A list of libraries with that specific item on the shelf will display, complete with your driving distance to that library, a Google maps option to get you there, and links to library information, web sites, and catalogs. Some links are also available to “Ask a librarian” to make it easier for you to contact that library directly.