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Editing and Revising

Tutorial discussing editing and revision techniques


Editing versus Revising

Editing is the process of proofreading your work for errors easily caught through sight and sound. This includes grammatical and formatting issues.

The following Research Guide provides additional information to help you proofread your work:

Revising looks in more detail at the content of the essay. In revision you might look over...

  • the introduction
  • the thesis statement
  • the support used
  • body paragraphs
  • the conclusion

Additional information on what to look for in these sections of your essay during the revision process is covered under Useful Techniques.

Editing and revising are separate tasks. Editing focuses on structure. Revising focuses on content. Treat them individually so that you're looking for a specific set of issues, but not so many issues that you easily lose track of where you are in the process.

Editing and Revising are steps used in the Writing Process. To learn more about the Writing Process, we recommend the following resource:


Benefits of editing and revising your own work include:

  • improving your grade
  • refining your attention to detail
  • learning from mistakes so that you don't repeat them

Benefits of helping others edit and revise their work include:

  • improving your editing and revision skills
  • learning to catch different types of errors
  • all the feel-good vibes that come with helping someone

Read more about these benefits in our Peer Review guide.