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Resources in the field of Psychology

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Looking for research guidance for a course in this discipline? This is the place! 

If you're looking for more in-depth coverage of a specific course, select the course name from the menu options or choose from the following list:

FOR344 Psychology of Violence & Aggression

FOR365 Drugs and Society

FOR423 Case Management

PSY101 Introduction to Psychology

PSY201 Intro to Professional Practices

PSY250 Social Psychology

PSY263 Theories of Personality

PSY265 Lifespan Development

PSY269 Human Sexuality

PSY301 Adult Development and Life Assessment

PSY302 History and Systems of Psychology

PSY344 Psychology of Terrorism

PSY360 Introduction to Counseling

PSY362 Abnormal Behavior

PSY401 Biological Foundations of Behavior

PSY501 Professional Practices in Psychology

PSY512 Introduction to Forensic Psychology

PSY521 Statistical Procedures I

PSY522 Statistical Procedures II

PSY533 Research Design and Analysis I

PSY534 Research II

PSY541 History and Systems of Psychology

PSY543 Developmental Psychology

PSY545 Advanced Theories of Personality

PSY546 Psychopathology

PSY548 Mental Health Law in Criminal Behavior

PSY552 Criminogenic Psychopathology

PSY611 Professional Issues I: Law and Ethics

PSY612 Professional Issues II: Cross Cultural Issues in Psychology

PSY615 Drug Abuse and Society

PSY621 Social Psychology

PSY622 Cognitive Psychology

PSY626 Advanced Psychological Assessment Theory

PSY631 Neuropsychology

PSY636 Cultural Competence in Professional Practice

PSY641 Capstone Research I

PSY642 Capstone Research II

SCS480 Immersion in Professional Problem Solving