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Points of View Reference Center

Tutorial for searching the database Points of View Reference Center.

Search Options

The banner at the top of the Points of View Reference Center home page provides you with quick access to:

  • New Search
  • Publications
  • Subjects
  • Images/Video
  • Indexes (using the More dropdown)

The banner also allows you to:

  • Sign into or create your free My EBSCOhost account, which is compatible with all EBSCO databases
  • View your folder of saved items once signed in
  • Adjust viewing preferences
  • Adjust language settings
  • Access help information created by EBSCO

The search box allows you to quickly search by keyword for your terms. The following image shows the location of the banner and search box on the Points of View Reference Center home page:

image shows the banner at the top of the database with links to new search, publications, subject, images/video, and more. banner also links to sign in, folder, preferences, language, and help. search box shown surrounded by text for other databases and advanced searching

In the News

The "In the News" banner pulls together common themes found in the current news cycle and features an overview of each theme with additional links to pro/con viewpoint materials. The following image shows the "In the News" banner:

Features thumbnail images with captions- uber & the ride sharing industry, transgender restroom use, legalization of marijuana, police brutality, political rhetoric. Arrows on each side of the box allow scrolling through content left to right.

The "In the News" box features a broad category with the option to read more about it by using the "Click here" button. The following image shows the "In the News" box:

In the News box shows the topic North Korea with a description of the country and political controversy and a Click here button to read more about it.

Browse by Category

Browse through hundreds of topics by category. Choose the "+ More" option beneath each category to see additional topics. Use the "Show All" option to view a full list of topic coverage.

The following image shows the Browse by Category box:

shows a list of broad topics with hyperlinked sub topics, organized in vertical columns

Reference Shelf

The Reference Shelf provides access to tutorials for various types of writing scenarios. Choose one of the recommended topics or select "See all research guides" to view the full list.

The following image shows the Reference Shelf box:

Reference Shelf contains guides for curriculum standards, create an essay outline, charts/graphs for topics, and see all research guides.

If you select "See all research guides," you'll be transported to a list of search results. Scroll through the topics and click the blue hyperlink to view the print tutorial.