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Conducting Effective Peer Reviews

A guide for effectively participating in the peer review process.

When Your Work Is Being Reviewed

When someone else is reviewing your work, you want to make sure that they have as much information as possible so they can provide you with a thorough review.

We recommend that you:

Include assignment details

  • If your reviewer is a member of the class, make sure he/she is following along with any peer review questions posed by your instructor which must be answered. Make sure you have the answers before you move away from the conversation.

Provide specifics

  • If you have previously received feedback on other assignments with issues, ask your reviewer to take a closer look at those specific issues and provide you with advice for how to fix those issues in the current assignment. 

Ask for clarification

  • If feedback is vague, ask your reviewer for more information. 

Make sure you understand the feedback before it gets cold.

  • Read over your feedback while the reviewer is still there so that you can directly address any questions or ask for clarification.

Take feedback with a "grain of salt"

  • Reviewers are human, and they can make mistakes or provide incorrect advice. Consider the human element of the review process, and double-check that the errors you are correcting based on the advice of others are, in fact, true errors.