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Reading & Using LC Call Numbers

How to read and locate items based on LC Call Numbers

Your Search Results

When you find a book you want, there are three parts to note. They include the following:

  • Catalog entry with location, call number and status.Location
    The location tells you what library and where in the library you can find an item.
  • Call Number 
    The call number helps you locate the item on the shelf.
  • Status
    If the status says anything other than 'Available' you will want to try to put a request in for the book. If the item does not have a status of available, it will not be on the shelves or it will be denied you when try to check it out.

Because some location codes restrict how a book is used, you may want to check for any messages as well, which will tell you if an item is local/library use only. Such a message would prevent you from requesting or checking out an item.

Locating the Item

Pfeiffer Library Locations: Where to Look

Collection Name Where to Look
Tiffin Main Basement for call number A-HE
2nd Floor for call numbers HF-Z
Tiffin Reference Main Floor
Tiffin Faculty Development Main Floor
Tiffin Student Success Main Floor
Tiffin Video Main Floor - Ask main desk
Tiffin Reserve Main Floor - Ask main desk
Tiffin Periodical Main Floor
Tiffin Microfilm Main Floor - Ask main desk

Depending on what the location of the item is, it will affect how you find the item. If a location begins with anything other than Tiffin, you will need to request the item (unless you want to drive to pick it up). Be sure to check the item's status (as learned above) before making a special trip!

Tiffin has several different locations for its items that you may see when looking in the catalog. They include the following:

Pfeiffer Library Locations: What it Looks Like in the Catalog & How You Can Use It

  • Tiffin Main
    You will find these in the basement and upstairs depending on the call number.
    • A-HE are in the basement.
    • HF-Z are upstairs.

A typical item will have a location of tiffin main and be available with a call number.

  • Tiffin Reference
    You will find these on the main level in the reference section. All call numbers begin with REF. These books cannot be checked out as they are library use only.
  • Tiffin Faculty Development
    You will find these on the main level. All these call numbers end in fac.
    The location for Faculty collection with read Tiffin Faculty Development.
  • Tiffin Student Success
    You will find these on the main level near the elevator. All these call numbers end with success.
    Location of Tiffin Student Success and a call number that ends in 'success'
  • Tiffin Video
    These are in closed stacks. You may request the item or ask a library staff member to pull the item for you. All the call numbers end in video.
    Example of video found in the catalog will have a location of tiffin video.
  • Tiffin Reserve Desk
    You will find these on the shelves behind the circulation desk. Ask the worker at the desk for the book or give the worker your professor's name. These items typically can only be checked out for only a few hours.
    If a book has a location of tiffin reserve desk, it will be behind the circulation desk. It is important to check locations because call numbers alone can sometimes be misleading.
  • Tiffin Periodicals
    You will find these on the first floor in alphabetical order. They are for library use only, and cannot be checked out.
    Tiffin periodicals will only have a record. It will not tell you what we have or where. You may want to ask the librarian for more assistance for these finds.
  • Tiffin Microform
    These are in closed stacks. You will need to ask a staff member to assist you. These are library use only, and cannot be checked out. To view microform, there is a reader in the back of the first floor near the Murphy exit door.