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Laptop Program

Information about the laptop program facilitated through the library.

Fines and Fees

Students can borrow computers for free, but items must be returned by their due date.

  • If returned after the due date but within the one-week grace period, a $25 processing fee will be assessed. The student may not borrow another laptop until the fee is paid.
  • The laptop's status reverts to "billed" when not returned more than one week past its due date. A student's account may be billed at full replacement cost for the computer.
  • When a laptop is "billed" and never returned, the student is banned from checking out laptops from the library as this is considered theft of university property. The student may also be referred to the student code of conduct process.
  • When a laptop is "billed" and returned after charges have been sent to the Business Office, the student will be provided with confirmation of the return to take to the Business Office in order to have the charges cleared. The library will not clear those charges on behalf of the student. The student will still be required to pay the processing fee and laptop borrowing privileges are suspended for the remainder of the academic year.

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About the Program

The library's laptops provide students access to the technology needed to maintain good academic standing, but the laptops are not a substitute for owning a computer.

Because the laptops provided through the program are designed to fulfill a temporary need, they can be checked out for a maximum of 7 days with no opportunity for renewal. Students in good standing with no fines or fees on their library account may check out another laptop if additional machines are available when one is returned.

All laptops are serviced by ITS upon their return. Additional fees may be assessed if damage to the laptop is discovered during servicing.

Faculty requests for laptops should be directed to the ITS department.

Library laptops do not include access to Microsoft Office products.

Library laptops do not connect to campus printers because the printers are not wifi compatible.

Laptops are not available for online students.

The library does not ship laptops. Users must be able to pick the computer up and return it in the campus library.

Borrower Responsibilities

A laptop borrower has the following obligations:

  • The borrower agrees to assume all charges for lost or damaged equipment, up to $1,500 for the cost of a replacement laptop, assessed directly to the student's account for billing purposes if items are not returned by their due date or are returned in a state of disrepair. Final costs are determined in consultation with campus ITS.
  • The borrower agrees to return the equipment and its original packaging materials to the campus library during its posted hours of operation and assumes all responsibility for damaged equipment or materials billed as lost when not returned appropriately.
  • The borrower agrees to return the equipment by its due date. Any shipping required is included in that 7-day window and at the borrower's expense. Items in transit in shipping will still be assessed processing fees if received in the campus library (not in the campus mailroom) after the due date.

Campus Computer Availability

Desktop computers are available in the following buildings. Lab hours, if applicable, are posted on campus. Buildings have variable hours, but some labs are open 24/7 for your convenience.

  • Franks
  • Gillmor
  • Hertzer
  • Murphy Academic Support Center
  • Pfeiffer Library

Printers are also available. Printing and network access is restricted to students, faculty, and staff. Black and white printing is free. There is an associated cost for color and specialty printing.