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Laptop Loaner Program

Information about the laptop program facilitated through the library.

Eligibility Requirements

Tiffin University students are eligible for participation in the Laptop Loaner Program if they meet the following requirements:

  • The student must be in good financial standing with the university.

  • The student must not have access to campus computing facilities.

  • The student is not enrolled in a fully online program.

  • The student agrees that the use of the borrowed computer is to fulfill an academic need as a result of a temporary gap in technology access.

  • The student must sign and return all forms and waivers prior to the library processing any material for checkout.

  • The student has had no previous incidents of mishandling of equipment in the program, whether intentional or unintentional.

  • The student can pick the material up from the campus library.

  • The student does not have the financial aid availability in order to acquire their own computer.

  • The student acknowledges responsibility for any shipping costs required if the item cannot be returned in person by its due date.

Contact Us

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Purpose of the Program

The Laptop Loaner Program (also referred to as the Laptop Lending Program) provides students experiencing emergencies or exigencies with access to the technology needed to maintain good academic standing when situations unexpectedly arise that prevent the student from accessing a computer. Some examples of eligible uses of the program include, but are not limited to:

  • An injury or illness sustained mid-semester which prevents a campus student from leaving their dorm room to access campus computing facilities where special accommodations have been granted through the Office of Disability Services.
  • An emergency surgery mid-semester requires a campus-based student to be home-bound for a predetermined period where a medical excuse can be provided.
  • A campus-based student is forced to travel out of state for the funeral of a close relative and will not have access to a computer without borrowing.
  • A student living within 60 miles of campus breaks their laptop and needs a computer to fill the gap while their new computer is being shipped from the warehouse.

Because the laptops provided through the program are designed to fulfill a temporary need, they can be checked out for a maximum of 21 days with no opportunity for renewal. Students must reapply to the program to participate in another round of laptop lending. No new equipment will be issued until the current equipment has been received, evaluated, and processed. This ensures that laptops remain available in the queue for emergencies and not for general use or because a student does not want to use one of the computer labs provided on campus.

Pfeiffer Library does not mail laptops to students. Students must be able to pick items up on campus.

We understand that each circumstance where a student needs a laptop is different. Every request is evaluated individually based on the information provided on the request form. To ensure we have all the necessary information, be as thorough as possible when submitting your request.

Faculty requests for laptops should be directed to the ITS department.

Borrower Responsibilities

When using the program, the borrower has the following obligations:

  • The borrower agrees to assume all charges for lost or damaged equipment, up to $1,500 for the cost of a replacement laptop, assessed directly to the student's account for billing purposes if items are not returned by their due date or are returned in a state of disrepair. Final costs are determined in consultation with campus ITS.
  • The borrower agrees to return the equipment and its original packaging materials to the campus library during its posted hours of operation and assumes all responsibility for damaged equipment or materials billed as lost when not returned appropriately.
  • The borrower agrees to return the equipment within 21 days. Any shipping required is included in that 21-day window. Note: Laptops may not be renewed, but patrons may reapply to the program. 

Campus Equipment

Computers are available in the following buildings. Lab hours, if applicable, are posted on campus. Buildings have variable hours, but some labs are open 24/7 for your convenience.

  • Franks
  • Gillmor
  • Hertzer
  • Murphy Academic Support Center
  • Pfeiffer Library

Printers are also available. Printing and network access is restricted to students, faculty, and staff. There is an associated cost for color and specialty printing.

Library Laptops

The library has a few laptops which are not a part of the laptop loaner program. These laptops cannot leave the library building but may be used when all available computer terminals are otherwise occupied. Note that printing from laptops is not enabled. To check out an in-house use only laptop, come to the library desk during its open hours, ask for one, and present your student ID card. If available, one will be checked out to you and must be returned before you leave the building.