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Evaluating Your Sources

Tutorial for evaluating source material

About this Guide

In this guide, you will find methods for evaluating information sources. The contents include the following:

  • SCRAAP Test
    Learn one tool that helps you evaluate all sources through self-awareness, currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy, and purpose.
  • Source Specifics
    Different sources have different nuances. Learn how some things differ between source types.
  • Fake News
    What is fake news? Learn to differentiate between quality news sources.
  • Information Context
    Sometimes looking at just information in front of you is not enough. It needs to be evaluated in a broader context.
  • Help
    Provides links to additional resources that were not otherwise mentioned.

Critically evaluating sources prevents personal bias and blind authority from taking control of the conversation. Through this guide, we hope to promote public evidence through critical thinking.