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Crossref Tutorial

Tutorial to accompany the Crossref database.

Anatomy of a DOI

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a number assigned to a research article that will always be used to identify where that resource is located online.

This example APA citation includes the DOI number at the end of the citation (highlighted):

Holmqvist, M., Button, P., & Heath, O. (2019). Together we stand: The imperative for interprofessional education in professional psychology training. Canadian Psychology/Psychologie Canadienne, 60(4), 255–264.

A DOI is composed of the following elements:

  • Prefix- a unique number assigned when the article is registered through Crossref. In our example, the prefix is 10.1037
  • Suffix- a unique combination of letters and numbers chosen by the author. In our example, the suffix is cap0000180.

DOI Facts

Some additional information about DOIs...

  • Registration through Crossref is required in order to obtain a DOI.
  • Registration for a DOI is not free.
  • Not all online materials will have a DOI.
  • The DOI link will never change.