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Research Consultations

Schedule a one-on-one appointment with a librarian on campus or online

What to Expect

What is a research consultation?
Research consultations are an opportunity to meet one-on-one with your librarian to figure out your research needs. Typically appointments will be about a half hour to an hour long. The librarian can assist you in the following:

  • Establishing a sound research statement
  • Determining your keywords to perform research
  • Locating and using potential resources for your research
  • Applying basic search strategies to library databases
  • Applying advanced search strategies to library databases
  • Evaluating selected sources

...and so much more!  If you are struggling to start researching or finding references, schedule your consultation today! Your appointment can be confidential or with an appointment record for your instructor.

When to Schedule

It's important to schedule your research consultation early. By scheduling your appointment early, you...

  • Ensure that a librarian will be available to meet with you
  • Create more opportunities for resources to be located, and
  • Give yourself more time to complete the rest of the project after the research

Because of this, we recommend that you request a consultation at least one week before you want to meet with a librarian. This should be at least a few days, if not a week or more, before your assignment is due.

While we accommodate the best we can, if you request an appointment for tomorrow with a paper due the next day, you might be disappointed! :( 

What to Bring

Already scheduled your research consultation? 
Great! Here is what you should bring to your appointment:

  • An understanding of your assignment requirements
    • What kind of research materials do you need?
    • Do you need certain types of research?
    • Do you need to have a certain number of sources?
  • An idea of your research topic
    • What is your assignment going to be about?
    • What are your keywords?
  • A readiness to learn as you will be in charge of the appointment!

If you arrive at your appointment with no topic and no ideas of what your assignment is about, your appointment will be canceled. The librarian will not do your work for you, but only assist you in completing the research.