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Library Resources for the Classroom

Campus library integration opportunities

Important Reminder

The library has a lot of resources available; however, many of those resources do come with some restrictions. Copyright and acceptable use of content must always be considered.

Adding to Your Syllabus

If you want to encourage students to utilize library resources in your syllabus, we recommend the following language about our resources:

Pfeiffer Library provides you access to millions of articles and books at no additional cost. Accessing and using these materials will likely be required for this course. To find, access, or learn more about these resources, visit When accessing library materials off-campus, you may be asked for your TU credentials or your library barcode (which is your student ID number followed by TUP).
If at any time you need help using or accessing library resources, you can email, call 419-448-3435, or send a chat message on the website. Throughout the year there are events and webinars to support the use of these resources, which can be found on the library’s website. Also on the website is the opportunity to meet with a librarian via a Research Consultation to get help on citation style, research, resources, or search strategies.

Helping Students

There are a number of ways we can assist in your classroom whether it meets in person or online.