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Criminal Justice

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COR110 Correctional Strategies

COR120 Correctional Thought and Practice

COR231 Juvenile Justice Systems

COR245 Probation, Parole and Community Corrections

COR336 Constitutional Rights of Prisoners

COR420 Agency Management

ENF150 Police and Society

ENF239 Applied Criminal Investigation and Criminalistics

ENF293 Criminology

ENF335 Law Enforcement Supervision

ENF450 Crime Analysis

ENF511 Crime Science Overview: Theories, Principles, and Methods

ENF515 Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

ENF532 Computer Applications in Crime Analysis and Community Policing

ENF621 Evidence-Based Policing

ENF622 Geographic Information Systems: Applications in Criminal Justice

ENF627 Crime Analysis Project

ENF631 Strategies for Reducing Crime

ENF675 Problem Solving in Crime Analysis

ENF681 Practical Application of Crime Science

JUS110 Introduction to Criminal Justice

JUS201 Criminal Law

JUS202 Criminal Procedure

JUS361 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

JUS461 Capstone Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice

JUS465 Criminal Trial Evidence

JUS510 Contemporary Criminal Justice Issues and Trends

JUS515 Research Design and Analysis

JUS520 Statistical Applications in Criminal Justice

JUS525 Legal and Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

JUS531 HR Personnel Management Law Theory

JUS532 Human Resource and Personnel Management in Criminal Justice Application

JUS610 Justice Administration Policy Formulation & Analysis

JUS612 Strategic Planning in Criminal Justice

JUS618 Budget and Finance for Criminal Justice Administrators

JUS635 Leadership and Practical Application in Justice Administration