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Library Acquisitions

Help the library build its collection!

Notifications & Recommendations

Tiffin University faculty members have the opportunity to review and recommend the same materials that the library staff considers for addition to the library collection. There are 2 ways that this can be completed.

GOBI Recommendations

GOBI is Pfeiffer Library's primary collections supplier. As things are published, you can request that the library acquires these items. The library will review recommendations made by the faculty about once a month. To gain access to GOBI, you must request access from the library.

Choice Reviews

Choice reviews provides reviews of academic resources, including databases, websites, and books. Choice will provide an overview and a recommendation choice of each item. Librarians will review Choice Reviews to influence some collection additions. Within Choice, there are options for what you wish to do:

  • You can review reviews yourself to consult librarians.
    To do this, you can create yourself an account in Choice Reviews.
  • You can review lists created by the library for items under review.
    To do this, you will still need to make an account in Choice. However, please contact the library to let us know you would like to be added to the list.

Other Recommendations