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About Us

Information about our library.

Pfeiffer Library has 4 rooms available to Tiffin University students, faculty, and staff. All rooms have seating and a dry erase board, but each room has unique features for its use, which are detailed below.Patrons using study room 1

  • Study Room 1 has 4 chairs around a large table. There is a large screen extender for the networked computer.
  • Student Room 2 is smaller with 2 individual desks. One desk is empty, and one desk is equipped with a networked computer. 

  • Student Room 3 includes a table and four chairs. There is no hard-wired computer in the study room, but outlets are available to charge laptops. Laptops can also be checked out for restricted use in the building for 2 hour intervals until the library's desk closes for the evening.

  • The Conference Room has 6 chairs around a large table. There is a large screen extender for the networked computer that is on a separate desk with an additional chair. There are 2 winged-chairs for more comfortable seating. In total, there are 9 seats.

Dry erase markers or meeting microphones for online meetings can be borrowed at the library's front desk if needed.

Use Policy

Open study rooms in Pfeiffer Library are first-come, first-served. The exception to this is if another person or group has reserved the space.

Acceptable use of our study rooms includes the following:

  • All behavior will comply with the student code of conduct. Violations of the code of conduct will be reported to the Dean of Students.
  • Library staff are not responsible for lost or damaged items left in study rooms.
  • Keeping rooms tidy ensures that study rooms continue to be available for everyone. Remove your trash before leaving.
  • Be mindful of the noise level in the rooms. The walls are not soundproof - loud music or other noise does carry to other spaces.
  • Lights within the study rooms must remain on when in use.

We reserve the right to ask users to leave when behavior or volume is deemed inappropriate. Security cameras are in use in the facility 24/7. 

Room Reservations

Pfeiffer Library allows Tiffin University students, faculty, and staff to reserve rooms in advance for presentation practice, group work, or event meetings. We have laptops, additional whiteboards, and other materials available for checkout at the library desk in addition to the equipment available in each room.

Reservations should be made online. Users can also request a room reservation at the library's front desk if rooms are available. If requesting at the desk, you will be asked to scan a QR code or provide your student email address to confirm the reservation. 

Library study rooms are locked when the library's desk closes. View our desk hours here: 

Need to know what's available today? View today's reservations here:

At the time of your reservation, you may need to check-in at the front desk to be let into the room.