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How to Use the Online Writing Resource Center


The Online Writing Resource Center is your online resource for information regarding a variety of topics. To assist you in understanding how to use this guide we have created this reference guide.

Getting Started

The OWRC is divided into roughly four sections. To being, determine what kind of information you are looking for. The following table outlines the key types of information contained in the four sections:

Section Types of Information
Basic Writing Grammar, Punctuation, Parts of Speech, Paragraph Construction, Sentence Structures, Mechanics, Word Choice
General Writing The Writing Process, Essay Structure, Specific Assignment Types
Research & Citation Basics of Citation, APA, MLA and Chicago Citation, Research Questions, Source Selection and Evaluation, Plagiarism Avoidance, Source Synthesis
Graduate Level Writing Graduate level writing, advances writing topics, resources by graduate discipline.

Once you have determined the section in which the content is located you may go directly to that section via the links above. Then simply scroll through the content areas for that section to find your topic.

What Will I find?

The guides located in the Online Writing Resource Center contain a wealth of information on each topic. Some guides will be a single page and cover the general information you might need. Other guides will have additional sub-guides with more details. This design helps ensure you get the information you need at the level you need.


If you don't find the information you are looking for, please reach out to the University Academic Support Office at Your message will be sent to the UAS desk and administration. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response (excluding Saturdays and holidays).


Yes! While tutors aren't on this website and are not available 24/7 you can request a tutor through one of the following ways:

1. Request a writing tutor through the tutoring form: Online Request Form

2. Send an email to the UAS Office with what you need, contact information, and the days/times you would be available for tutoring. Please be as specific as possible about what you need assistance with. Email

3. Submit your paper to the Ohio E-Tutoring Collaborative (most responses in 48 hours). E-Tutoring login page.