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Opposing Viewpoints

Database tutorial for Opposing Viewpoints (Gale in Context)

The Results List

Quickly limit results by content type using the banner on the search results screen. Content types include:

  • Academic journals
  • Videos
  • Statistics
  • Viewpoints
  • Audio
  • Reference
  • News
  • Images
  • Magazines

Filter Your Results by:

  • Date published
  • Publication title
  • Content level
  • Subjects
  • Newspaper sections
  • Search within
  • Document type
  • Lexile measure

Use the checkboxes to limit results to:

  • Full text documents
  • Peer reviewed journals

Document features

Clicking the title of a resource in your list provides you with additional options through the use of a floating toolbar. These options allow you to...



From the dropdown, choose the citation style you'd like to use. A citation for the resource will appear in the window.

Choose citation format, full citation, export options


Add Highlights and Notes

Select text within the article by clicking and dragging with the mouse and a shortcut menu will appear so you can add highlighting or notes directly on the screen.

highlight menu open with options to highlight or add notes

Highlights and notes are visible on the article itself as soon as you add them, and you can view a master list of all highlights and notes within an article by selecting "Highlights and Notes" in the floating toolbar.

Options are also available to...

  • Send the article to Google Drive
  • Download the article to your storage device
  • Print the article