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MLA Style Help

Assistance with MLA citation

In-text Citations (Part 1)

Citing Part of a Work (Part 1)

  • Use page numbers when provided
    • Precede with author and page number with no other punctuation if not explicit in text
    • If more than one volume used in works cited, include volume as well
    • Example: (Carlson 10)
  • If text uses a different numbering system other than page numbers, use it instead with a label
    • Example for a paragraph number: (Carlson par. 2)
    • Example for a chapter number: (Carlson ch. 5)
  • If no numbering system exists, do not create one

Citing a Work Listed by Title (Part 1)

  • Use when entry in Works Cited is listed by title
    • Example: In MLA Style Help, the author...
  • Use full title or abbreviate
    • If abbreviating, always use the world that it is alphabetized by in Works Cited

Citing the Same Source in the Same Paragraph (Part 2-3.5)

  • If using the same source without interruption in the same paragraph
    • First reference (Author Page#)
    • Second reference (Page#)
  • Example: Understanding MLA format is import to successful writing (Carlson 10). Successful writing can then lead to success in life (12).

Citing Works by the Same Author (Part 1)

  • Use only if the author cannot be differentiated in the cited works (ie more than one work cited by the author)
  • If citing parenthetically only, use a comma after the author followed by the title (or shortened version)
    • Example: (Carlson, "MLA" 10)
  • If author's name is in text, only provide title and page information in parenthesis
    • Example: Carlson said blah ("MLA" 10).

Works by Multiple Authors (Part 2-3.1)

  • Works by 2 authors can be joined by using and
    • Example: (Carlson and Edwards 10)
  • Works by 3 or more authors use the first author followed by et al.
    • Example: (Carlson et al. 10)

Citing More than One Work in the Parenthesis (Part 1)

  • Cite normally
  • Include semicolon ( ; ) between references

Citing Time-Based Media (Part 1)

  • Include hours, minutes, and seconds from the media player
    • Example ("MLA" 01:05:16-35)

Abbreviations in Citations

  • Months that are longer than 4 letters should be abbreviated.
  • Countries and states should be abbreviated, but not cities.
  • For a list of common words that should be abbreviated in citations, click here.