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Finding Resources

Tutorial for locating different types of resources through the library

Want a print book and don't live in Ohio? Try searching WorldCat to find materials near you!
If you're looking to use an eBook, try searching just the Tiffin University catalog.

More Search Options

There are a number of places to search for books through the library. You may want to try the following:

If you want to locate a book in the library or want to browse the library, you may want to learn how to read a call number. See the link below.

Search Tips

There are a few ways you can create a more advanced search. 

Boolean Operators

  • AND
    Makes a search smaller by searching for items that have topic 1 AND topic 2 together.
    Example: canals AND history
  • OR
    Makes a search bigger by searching for items that have topic 1 OR topic 2 available.
    Example: canals OR rivers
  • NOT
    Makes a search smaller by searching for items that have topic 1, but NOT topic 2 available.
    Example: canals NOT love

Advanced Search Methods

  • Quotation Marks
    Looks for a whole phrase together. Without them, you will probably find what you need, but it can help make your results smaller.
    Example: "historical canals"
  • Parentheses
    Combines different operators to make your results smaller.
    Example: (canals OR rivers) NOT love
  • Truncation (*)
    Searches for a wildcard after/in place of the *, which will help make your results bigger. You have to be careful using this or you will get too many results.
    Example: Wom*n (This will search for womEn and womAn).

For more help, visit the library research help page under research guides or click the link below.