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University Academic Support

Welcome to the University Academic Support Office



Welcome to the University Academic Support Office for Tiffin University. The UAS is dedicated to providing quality academic support services for all Tiffin University students. We understand that everyone needs a little extra help from time to time. Let out tutors, Peer Assistance Leaders and staff work with you to find solutions to your academic needs, whether its a quick question, a specific assignment or a more complex issue. 

Services Provided

Currently the University Academic Support Office provides the following services.


Tutors provide one-on-one support for questions in a variety of Tiffin University courses. Tutoring is by may be by appointment in the Murphy Academic Support Center, online via video conference or phone, or through the E-Tutoring platform (Jan. 2021) through the Ohio E-Tutoring Collaborative. The service is free to all Tiffin University students. To find out more, please check out the Tutoring page for UAS.

Dragon StAR (Course Specific Study Groups) 

Dragon StARs or Student Assistance Review Leaders are students who conduct weekly guided study sessions for specific courses. Each StAR session focuses on review of course content or material and is designed to be interactive. StAR leaders are trained to guide group activities and discussion in a way that helps with learning course material, finding strategies to assist in being successful in the course and promote long-term academic success. To learn more about the StARs program please view the Dragon StAR page.

Student Success Workshops & Resources

The University Academic Support Office, the Pfeiffer Library, and the First Year Advising Team along with other support offices on campus conduct student success workshops. These workshops, webinars and programs feature topics such as effective study strategies, APA formatting, research databases, test anxiety and stress management. For more information on both on-campus and virtual opportunities, please check out the Student Success Workshop & Resources page.

Academic Recovery Program

Even the best students can encounter difficult circumstances or get into academic difficulty. When that occurs the University Academic Support Office is ready to help get you back on track. The Academic Recovery Program offered focused sessions, academic coaching, skills workshops and dedicated resources to help improve your academic standing. For more information visit the Academic Recovery Program page.

Online Resources

The University Academic Support Office in conjunction with Pfeiffer Library offers a variety of online guides, ,resources and links to assist students who have academic questions outside normal business hours. These resources are divided into three primary areas:

  • Online Writing Resource Center focusing on a variety of writing topics ranging from basic mechanical issues and structure to graduate level writing. The OWRC is divided into four key areas.
    • Basic Writing: Covering parts of speech, grammar, mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, basic writing techniques.
    • General Writing: Reviews patterns of development, college level writing assignments, audience and purpose.
    • Research & Citation: Examines a variety of research related topics, source evaluation, and citation.
    • Graduate Writing: Dedicated to writing at the graduate level, completion of a thesis or dissertation. 
  • Online Math Resource Center
  • Additional Resources/Course Guides

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