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Transparent Language Online

Tutorial guide for the database Transparent Language Online

Starting Lessons

When you access your first lesson in your account, you'll again encounter an overlay tutorial which walks you through navigation of lessons.

You'll want to follow these steps on every new lesson:

  1. Read the lesson objectives. The objectives are the goals of, or what you should learn from, the lesson
  2. Click the green "Start Learning" button to begin the lesson.

Clicking on the screen removes the overlay tutorial and allows you to navigate to the lesson.

If you want to remove the overlay tutorial, look for the option to "disable all overlays" while the tutorial is active. 

Features within Lessons

Many lessons include both spoken and written language. Spoken is indicated by the speaker icon, and can help you with correct pronunciation. Written text will help define the term(s).

You can move through items in a lesson individually, or play them all at once. The following image shows one of these lessons:

Image shows two columns of options- one for speech and one for written language defining the terms being spoken. These are listed vertically down the page.

Some lessons provide additional icons so that you can adjust the speed of the verbal interaction. Look for the turtle icon to slow down speech within a lesson if it's available.

When you are finished with a section, click the Done button to move to the next part of the lesson.

If you close out of a lesson before completion, your progress is saved when you log back into Transparent Language.

Animated Lessons

In addition to verbal and written language units, fully animated lessons and games are available by going to the "Kidspeak" option on the dashboard. 

Kidspeak is interactive, with a download option for a language workbook. 

The following image shows the Kidspeak screen, which begins with animation and sound automatically:

Image shows animation in center of screen with left pane icon options to download workbook, get help, or exit the program. Users should use navigational cues at the top of the window to return to the database.

To exit the animation and return to your dashboard, use the back arrow located near the top of the screen rather than your browser's back button.