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Transparent Language Online

Tutorial guide for the database Transparent Language Online

Getting Started

If you're more comfortable following along with text instructions, the remainder of this page will walk you through your account settings:

When you first create an account, you'll be transported to the database and shown the key features of Transparent Language Online via a quick tutorial on your screen. You'll first be asked to select the language you wish to learn, as shown in the following image:

Image shows a list of languages to learn as well as a search box where one can search for a specific language by name

After you select the language you wish to learn, you'll be prompted to select how you want the new language to be framed based on your native language. Each language contains at least one of the following options: 

  • For English speakers
  • For Latin American Spanish speakers
  • For Turkish speakers

You also have options available for various dialects. Selecting your native language allows instructions on the site to remain as something you'll recognize while you learn the new language.

Navigating the Dashboard

The built-in tutorial will also show you the following areas of your account dashboard:

My Learning Path

This section contains the list of tutorials available within the language set you've chosen to learn. It includes both lessons and practice tests, and are listed in order of most logical completion.


This is a list of lessons you've already successfully completed.

Use the practice area after you've completed lessons but need a refresher.

The following image shows a screenshot of these options on the account dashboard:

Shows the dashboard options for my learning path, learned, and practice sections.