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NoodleTools Tutorial

The full tutorial for NoodleTools, citation management and collaboration software

Adding a Notecard

To add a Notecard:

  1. Click the Notecards option on the top menu.
  2. Click "New" to add a new notecard.
  3. Enter information in the form.*
  4. Save and Close the form when finished.

*Librarian Tip: Notecard fields are optional- you do not have to fill in every blank on the form in order to add a notecard.

Hover over a notecard to view details or edit.

Access different versions of the same notecard by using the option to “Manage versions” in the notecard details window.

Creating an Outline

To create an outline:

  1. Select Notecards in the top menu.
  2. Use the Outline pane to build your outline.
  3. Use the Plus sign icon with dropdown arrow to add topics and subtopics. 

Sibling and Child Associations*:

  • “Sibling” - Topics which appear in the same vertical row as another topic you've highlighted.
  • "Child" - Topics which add further detail to a higher order topic. These are indented below a main topic.

*Librarian tip: Standard keyboard shortcuts such as Enter to move to a new line, Tab to indent right, or Shift+Tab to position the cursor back to the left (reverse indent), do not work within NoodleTools. You must use the options to Add or Delete in the outline window in order to adjust your outline. Make sure you have the correct line level highlighted before you choose to add a new line so that you are able to correctly establish the sibling/child indentation.