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Literature Reviews

Provides instructions for locating, reading, interpreting, and responding to literature reviews.

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Locating Resources through the Library

Getting Started: Locating Background Information

Sometimes it's helpful to consult an encyclopedia-type resource to obtain background information on your topic. If you're looking for a broad overview of your topic before you dig into the serious research, we recommend the following resources:

Locating Materials in the Library

You have numerous pathways to resources in our library. These include:

  • Our Database Tutorials, which provide you with guidance on how to use many of the databases we have available.


Plus, many resource records contain links to other items in the collection.

There is no "recommended" limit for how much research you can find on a given topic to know you're truly "finished" with the review. The broader the topic, the greater the number of materials you'll find, so we suggest making sure that your topic is well-focused. 

Locating Resources Online

If you're looking for scholarly publications online, the best place to look is Google Scholar. We recommend our Using Google Scholar tutorial to help you get started: