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Tool for using Cabell's to evaluate journal publications

What is Cabell's?

Cabell's International is a scholarly services company that can assist researchers in properly preparing their academic work for publication submission.  In many cases, researchers want to submit their work for publication, but they may not be sure where to start.  They may not know what academic journals to consider or how to format their documents properly.  Cabell's saves users time by condensing this information onto one site.

The website also contains a database with over 11,000 academic journals.  They cover over 18 disciplines and allow researchers to get the most out of their research time.

If you would like to watch a recording of one of our live demonstrations on using Cabell's, you can do so here.

Why should I trust Cabell's?

The website clearly states their evaluation standards under "Metrics" at the bottom of the home page.  It lists the criteria that determine which academic journals are added to their database.

Journal Metrics

Cabell's Journal Metrics organize and rank scholarly research publications.  The journals are ranked by 2 criteria:

  •           Cabell's Classification Index (CCI) - This considers the cross-disciplinary perspectives present (or not present) in an academic journal and it measures the impact that it has across different disciplines.  How is this journal important, and to whom?  How does the journal influence different disciplines?  CCI is calculated by the average citations per article for each journal from the past 3 years.  For every topic that the journal publishes in, it is given a separate rank (premier, significant, or high impact).


  •           Difficulty of Acceptance - This is a ranking-based system that shows the difficulty of publishing a journal within a specific field of study.  Each journal topic receives its own rank.


For more information on Journal Metrics, the link to Cabell's metrics page is here.