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Tool for using Cabell's to evaluate journal publications

Creating an Account

The following are steps to create a new Cabell's account:

1. On the Cabell's International website (home page), click on the blank profile picture in the top right corner.  If it says you are logged in with Tiffin University, that just means you are using the campus Wi-Fi/internet connection.  If this is the case, you do not have to create an account to use the database.  However, if you are off campus, you will not be able to access the database unless you create an account.

2. Click on the button that says "Create/Log in to Profile."  If you are using a campus computer or using the campus Wi-Fi, do not be alarmed if it already says "Log out of Tiffin University."  Cabell's identifies the campus internet connection with the university, so this is normal.  If you are accessing the database off campus, then this will not apply.

3. A window will pop up on the center of your screen.  Create your own username and password and type in your name and email address (school email recommended).  You do not want to use "log in with your institution," as that will not work.

New Profile Window

new profile window


4. A confirmation email to activate your account will be sent to the email address.  Once you receive the email, click on the activation link in the email to log into your new account.

Once you are logged into your new account, you will have access to the site's database (Journalytics).

Log into an Existing Account

1. Click on the button that says "Create/Log in to Profile."  It should be in the top right corner of the home page.

2. Enter your username and password to log into your account.

Log In Window

log in screen