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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan information

Borrowing Policies

Borrowing policies are for TU Pfeiffer Library patrons that wish to obtain materials. 

Who can request?
Tiffin University faculty, staff, and students with a barcode in good standing may use interlibrary loan.

What can you request?
Books, chapters of books, microform, and journal articles. 

How many things can you request?
You may have up to 10 open interlibrary loan requests.

How are items returned?

If you’ve picked the item up from campus, you are required to return it to campus. If you are unable to return it in person, it may be shipped back to the library at the borrower's expense.

Are there options available for online/remote students and faculty?

Yes. Where electronic delivery is possible, InterLibrary Loan requests are processed via your Tiffin University email address. Please be advised of the following:

  • Full books cannot be sent to you electronically. One book chapter is permissible.
  • There are limits on the number of times you can click on a link to a requested article or book chapter.
  • We will only send these materials to a Tiffin University email address.

Lending Policies

Lending policies are for institutions wishing to borrow from TU Pfeiffer Library.

To whom do we lend?
We lend to institutions in the U.S. that are U.S. copyright and CONTU compliant.

What do we lend?
Books, electronic copies of book chapters, and electronic copies of journal articles.

Do we charge?
We lend for free. However, if a physical item can not be returned, there is an $85 replacement charge.

For More Information

Pfeiffer Library's full interlibrary loan policies can be located below with other helpful links.

For questions regarding interlibrary loan, you may email us at