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University Academic Support


The UAS/Murphy Center is committed to assisting students and faculty with their testing needs. This page provides information on testing policies, scheduling, and test related resources. Please review the information and contact the Murphy Center if you have any questions.

Testing Request Forms


Student Test Scheduling Form

Faculty Testing Request Form

This code is for students to schedule an exam. Students may request an exam be taken in the Center but all exams are subject to instructor approval. Students with accommodations may indicate any needs on this form. This code is for faculty to authorize and exam, provide instructions, and provide a copy of the exam or quiz to be completed. Faculty may also submit materials directly to the Murphy Center.


Student Testing Policies

Testing Services at Tiffin University offers a convenient, fast and secure online registration for the makeup exams and accommodation based testing. This form must be completed before any exam is scheduled. This helps us to ensure adequate space, time and resources for you to be successful with your exam. To make this process easier, please review the policy below:

  • All exams and quizzes must be scheduled at least three business days before the exam date. 
  • All requests must be approved by the course instructor prior to being scheduled. (The University Academic Support Office will contact the instructor to ensure that the exam or quiz is authorized.-Confirmation will be sent only when approved.)
  • By using the Testing Services, you as the student agree to abide by all terms, policies, and procedures of the UAS as outlined below:
    • When arriving for an appointment you must present a valid student ID or government issues photo ID in order to take your exam or quiz.
    • You understand that only the materials permitted by the instructor are allowed for the exam. The use of any materials not authorized will result in suspension of the exam and referral to the instructor for academic integrity and the Dean or Students for student misconduct.
    • Electronic devices are not permitted in the exam room unless authorized by the instructor. You agree to remove your cell phone, smart watch, or any other device that could be of assistance when asked by center personnel. 
    • All non-required testing material will be placed in a locker and secured before the test.
    • You agree to monitoring by UAS personnel either directly or by electronic means during the testing period. 
    • The UAS is not responsible for scheduling exams or quizzes that have not been verified by the instructor or for not providing accommodations not authorized by the Disability Services Office. 
    • You also understand that violation of testing policies and or procedures may result in the termination of the exam, referral to the instructor for academic misconduct and to the University for additional misconduct related offenses.

The UAS is open for testing between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. with the last scheduled exam starting no later than 3 p.m. Special requests for other times may be accommodated on an as needed basis. For such requests please allow five business days for scheduling. During peak times (e.g. midterms, finals, etc...) availability may be limited and require additional notice. While every effort is made to accommodate testers, scheduling is always subject to staffing and capacity constraints.

Testing Accommodations

Tiffin University complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990. Students with disabilities who need testing accommodations must have their accommodations approved by the Office for Disability Services prior to scheduling. The UAS does not grant, modify or otherwise interpret accommodations. To contact the Office for Disability Services please email:

Testing in the UAS/Murphy Center is offered as a way of supporting students. Exams, quizzes, and similar assessments can be scheduled in the center when a student misses class for an excused absence and the professor authorizes the test to be administered in the Murphy Center. Students must follow the policies outlined below.