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Flashback Friday: Delta Sigma Kappa Sketches

by Brigitte Galauner on 2021-09-24T10:00:00-04:00 in Using Pfeiffer Library | Comments

This week's Flashback Friday includes "top secret" information about Greek life at Tiffin University.  Greek organizations on campus have existed since 1922, and they are an integral part of campus events and traditions.  Several fraternities and sororities have been established since the founding of the first Greek group.  Among these groups is Delta Sigma Kappa.  Delta Sigma Kappa was established in 1935 as an honorary and co-educational fraternity.  Its purpose was to improve educational facilities on campus and to get students involved with campus activities.  It was considered a "secret" organization because members were not revealed and initiated until their senior year.  When a new member was revealed, the student received a special key to represent their membership.  The sketches below reveal potential designs for the key as well as the organization's coat of arms.  The dates of these items are unknown, but they are likely from the organization's early years.  It is also unknown as to whether these designs were used in the final versions of the key and coat of arms.  However, it is safe to assume that the final versions were similar to these designs.  It is very interesting to see the process of designing these items!

Fraternities and sororities have come and gone over the years, but each one has left a significant impact on the campus community.  If you are interested in learning more about current Greek life at Tiffin University, you can view their website here.


Honorary Key Design Sketches for Delta Sigma Kappa

delta sigma kappa key sketches

These are two designs of the special key that new members would receive upon initiation.  The small sketch in the top left corner of the first drawing indicates the key's actual size.  The real key was significantly smaller than the original drawing!


Coat of Arms Sketch

delta sigma kappa coat of arms sketch

This is a colored version of the organization's coat of arms.  The creator of this drawing is unknown, but it is likely that this was used in early designs.

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